happy brag

I just want to take a few minutes to brag on how happy I am and how much my life rocks. Really. The last couple of months have been the total shift I needed. A big shout out to AJM for inviting me to do 40 days, something I didn’t know that I desperately needed. For a long time I wasn’t sure if moving here was the right decision, but now I am. I love everything about my life here. Every day for the past few weeks, one of my first thoughts of the day is how happy I am and how much I love my life. How cool is that?

I am so fortunate to be doing work that I love: I work with teens, at a very cool office with a laid back atmosphere. I serve craft beers at a fun brewery. I take people’s photos. I assist a commercial photographer. I will be teaching yoga soon. Seriously.

I adore everything about it here. I practice and teach at the coolest yoga spot in town, and sing for fun in a very talented choir with the symphony. Every day is full of play and people and new opportunities. I have met so many wonderful folks here and make new connections every day. I love that it’s such a small and intimate community here.

Example #1: Last weekend I got up early Saturday, went to Little Bread Co., a cute cafe here, and had coffee/studied some yoga books. Sarah, a friend from the brewery met me, we ate breakfast, and then joined all my Deza friends for a yoga flash mob at the opening of the farmer’s market. We played around on our mats, walked the market, watched a cool local band play, ate fresh fruit popsicles, bought some flowers, ran into my neighbor, and just enjoyed the sun. Later I bought my new bike, rode it home on the trails, and took a walk and chatted with Whitney. I worked a few hours in the evening and then went with Whit to her brother’s birthday party before ending the day at a small house party with some friends.

Notable points about this example: I have friends. MULTIPLE. :) I ran into my neighbor (love the small town-ness). Bike trails. Farmer’s market. Yoga family.

Example #2: Last night I decided to host a band from a couchsurfing request. I stopped by the brewery on my way home to pick up a few growlers, and met up with a group of friends at my favorite little bar here where the band was playing. Met the band and chatted with them for a while. Danced my booty off. Stayed up way too late chatting with the drummer and drinking pints. Today I worked my usual quiet Friday in my office. Tonite I will take a yoga class at the studio, celebrate Becca’s birthday with a group of folks, and enjoy another evening out. Tomorrow I get to hang out with amazing yogis all day for a teacher training, will go on a bike ride with some folks in the evening, and wake up for more yoga Sunday as well as choir rehearsal and a pot luck!

So much goodness in that example too. Random adventures with cool people (Somebody’s Darling is the name of the band-awesome music). Hanging out with several different groups of friends. Biking. Yoga. Dancing….

Another things that is making me so happy lately is knowing that I am a source of inspiration for some people. I’ve had a couple people in the last 2 days message me to ask for encouragement or to tell me that I motivate them regarding health and fitness stuff. I love being able to give to people.

I’m finally learning to let go and enjoy the ride. Do the things I love and everything else falls into place. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Feeling so happy and inspired. happy happy happy!


One thought on “happy brag

  1. Nancy says:

    What a wonderful post! It’s so good to “read” you so happy. What a glorious time of your life. Enjoy, and grow, and learn!

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